People everywhere are switching to the TurFellow after getting frustrated with the bouncy mats causing damage to their golf club.

1. No Need to Travel to a Faraway Golf Course!

Being able to practice golf indoors without traveling to a golf course can be a game-changer for someone who is committed to improving his game. Our TurFellow is designed to mimic the feel of an actual golf course, allowing you to freely hit any club in the bag from the comfort of your home.

2. Fix Your Swing Once and for All!

Your clubs and the floor will both suffer damage if you try to hit off of carpet or hardwood. That's why we made a special mat for practicing golf swings.

Your entire game, from driving to the short game to greenside chipping, will benefit from the Training Mat. No matter your skill level, you can incorporate this item into your routine.

3. Cost-Effective!

Four-figure golf mats aren't something that everyone can afford. You can now purchase our incredibly affordable golf mat with a stellar customer rating. Save money on both your trainer's costs and your golf course membership with just one purchase. Our cost-effective exquisite mat is worth your time and money.

4. Easy Setup, Comfortable Installation!

Practicing or playing golf was never easy in the past. It's exhausting, especially when you have to practice alone, but not now.

With the portable TurFellow, you can start working on your swing immediately. It is easy to install without tools. Simply set the ball in the center of the fixed mat, strike, and check to see what the mat says about the hit. With every swing, you will receive quick feedback that will help you improve.

5. Durable Mat With the Green Turf Feel!

Nothing beats practicing your swing on actual grass, but when you don't have time to visit a golf course, a mat is a decent substitute. It does reduce the possibility of damaging your golf equipment. 

Our TurFellow simulates the feel of the finest golf fairways. It strives to be as realistic as possible, imitating the turf on prestigious courses such as Augusta National and Pinehurst. You will adore the mat's texture, durability, and longevity. With this robust and resilient studio mat, 300,000 shots are guaranteed.

Perfect Hit!

For getting accurate feedback on your swing, this Mat is perfect. It is well-made and durable enough to last for a long time. I've hit on it several times and truly love it.

Anthony D.

Great Fit!

I've been hitting golf mats for years, but they did not resist long enough. This Training Mat was extraordinarily suitable to improve my swing as it instantly gives you feedback. It allows me to observe my shot's impact on the velvet turf easily; highly recommended!

Sean F.

Surprisingly Convenient!

I am extremely happy to find this mat now, and I can train whenever I want. There is no need to make schedules. The best thing that I like is the size of the mat. I can carry it comfortably anywhere at the home, office, garden, backyard, outdoor/indoor, or anywhere else.

Aurum V.

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